The SecEd Podcast interviews secondary education experts and focuses on best practice, policy and research in the classroom and across the school, offering practical advice, insights and examples from professionals working in and with UK secondary schools. Each episode features a panel of teachers, school leaders and other experts and tackles topics relevant to secondary teaching and learning and wider education practice.

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The SecEd Podcast: Beating exam anxiety – how to prepare your students for their exams

This episode focuses on how we can help students to prepare for their examinations (including GCSEs and A levels) and support them to handle the anxiety and stress that exams season can often bring.

The SecEd Podcast: Trauma & adverse childhood experiences

This episode looks at how secondary schools can support students who are living with trauma or adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). We consider the common challenges, how to respond, and offer some tips for school staff.

The SecEd Podcast: Preparing students for post-16 education

This episode considers the key elements of the transition from key stage 4 to 5. We offer practical tips for how we can prepare students, both academically and pastorally, for the big step-up to post-16 study.

The SecEd Podcast: Edtech 2.0: Making the most of technology in schools

This episode considers how to make the most of technology in schools, looking at best practice examples and principles, how to take risks with #edtech, making a success of hybrid learning, CPD & training, #edtech leadership and much more

The SecEd Podcast: How to be a great SENCO

This episode looks at how to be an effective SENCO – considering best practice in leading SEN provision, the key duties, and how we can carry these out to a high standard. We also offer advice to those taking on the SENCO role for the first time.

The SecEd Podcast: School Leadership – The First 100 Days

This episode considers how to take on a new leadership role in schools – middle or senior leadership – and specifically how we should approach the first 100 days in post. We discuss what our priorities should be for the first 100 days, what not to do, as well as some general principles of effective leadership (and leaders).

The SecEd Podcast: Parental Engagement in Schools

This episode discusses the tenets of effective parent/carer engagement work for secondary schools, offering advice, tips, ideas and best practice for building effective relationships.

The SecEd Podcast: Preventing challenging behaviour in schools

In this episode, we catch up with behaviour specialist Adele Bates who offers us a range of ideas and advice focused on how we can deal with and prevent challenging behaviour, teach self-regulation, and build relationships in our classrooms

The SecEd Podcast: The Future of Digital Learning in Schools

This episode looks at how digital learning in schools is evolving in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and what it will look like in the months and years to come – with lots of ideas, examples and suggestions for effective practice.

The SecEd Podcast: Diversity and inclusion in the classroom

How do we ensure that all students feel represented and included in our classrooms? ​Host Adele Bates leads a reflective and practical discussion on diversity and inclusion in the classroom, asking how we can achieve this and what this looks like.

The SecEd Podcast: Effective anti-bullying work in schools

This episode is published as Anti-Bullying Week 2021 takes place and looks at the core principles of effective anti-bullying work, including how schools can prevent and respond to bullying behaviours and incidents.

The SecEd Podcast: Early Career Teachers: Thriving & Surviving

In this episode, we offer advice to early career teachers (ECTs) to help them thrive during their first year/s of teaching. We look at common challenges, key areas of practice (pedagogy, assessment, SEND, workload, wellbeing & more), and how to get the most from your mentor...

The SecEd Podcast: Curriculum Design: Implementation & Impact

Following our popular podcast episode looking at the first of Ofsted's curriculum inspection criteria – intent – we welcome back expert Matt Bromley to discuss effective curriculum implementation and how we can best evaluate our curriculum impact...

The SecEd Podcast: Coaching and mentoring in schools

This episode looks at coaching and mentoring as part of effective CPD practice and staff support in schools. Our experts explore different models, when to use coaching and when to use mentoring, how to measure impact, and practices to avoid.

The SecEd Podcast: Effective school improvement: Practices and processes

This episode offers practical advice and ideas for effective school improvement practices and processes, including guidance from four experienced secondary school leaders who discuss their common priorities and areas of focus, core principles, vision and values and much more besides...