At least 250,000 children and young people are living with Long Covid, including an estimated 4.8% of secondary-age students. This episode looks at the implications for secondary schools and what we can do to support these students both academically and pastorally
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Fiddling while Rome burns

28 June 2022

Blunt accountability measures, a gimmicky Parents’ Pledge, continuing denial over school budgets, ...


What is the biggest driver of teacher workload?

VOTE Inspection preparation (18%)

VOTE Excessive marking (55%)

VOTE Lesson/weekly planning (7%)

VOTE Data recording/analysis (9%)

VOTE Basic admin/support tasks (2%)

VOTE Staff meetings (3%)

VOTE Setting/reviewing pupil targets (2%)

VOTE Curriculum/qualification change (2%)

VOTE Government policy/initiatives (2%)

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