How do we ensure that all students feel represented and included in our classrooms? ​Host Adele Bates leads a reflective and practical discussion on diversity and inclusion in the classroom, asking how we can achieve this and what this looks like.
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Covid-19: What is the biggest challenge facing schools?

VOTE Pupils self-isolating (19%)

VOTE Staff self-isolating (3%)

VOTE Implementing Covid safety measures & social distancing (10%)

VOTE Parent engagement & parental anxiety (6%)

VOTE Pupil wellbeing & safeguarding (26%)

VOTE Staff morale & wellbeing (6%)

VOTE Unclear government policy & guidance (6%)

VOTE Cost of Covid-19 safety & other measures (13%)

VOTE "Catch-up" and recovery (0%)

VOTE Examination grading for 2021 (0%)

VOTE Managing staff workload (3%)

VOTE Online misinformation about Covid-19 (7%)

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