The SecEd Podcast interviews secondary education experts and focuses on best practice, policy and research in the classroom and across the school, offering practical advice, insights and examples from professionals working in and with UK secondary schools. Each episode features a panel of teachers, school leaders and other experts and tackles topics relevant to secondary teaching and learning and wider education practice.

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The SecEd Podcast: Subject reviews & deep dives

This episode focuses on subject and curriculum reviews – or “deep dives” – in the secondary school, asking what they are, how we can conduct them effectively without burdening staff, and what information we can and cannot expect to gather accurately.

The SecEd Podcast: Boosting student curiosity and motivation in the classroom

Three experienced teachers discuss tips and advice for how we can foster student curiosity and motivation in the secondary school classroom, with lots of examples and ideas for your teaching.

The SecEd Podcast: Flexible working in the secondary school

This episode offers practical tips and insights about how secondary schools can plan and implement flexible working practices to boost teacher recruitment and retention

The SecEd Podcast: How to be a calm school leader

What is “calm leadership” and how can this philosophy help middle and senior leaders in schools to be effective and inspiring in their roles? We chat to Patrick Cozier, the long-serving headteacher of Highgate Wood School, about his philosophy of calm leadership and how it has enabled him to thrive and survive during the trials of headship.

The SecEd Podcast: Building connection and strong relationships with your students

This episode discusses how we can build strong connections and relationships with our students – especially those who are vulnerable or 'hard to reach' – in order that they have the best chance of overcoming barriers and making progress in our classrooms.

The SecEd Podcast: Safeguarding & disclosure: A survivor’s story

In this episode we speak with Rachel W – an abuse survivor who disclosed to staff at school when aged 14 after suffering years of abuse. Rachel talks powerfully about her story and the lessons schools and school staff can learn from her experience of disclosure in order to improve safeguarding practice.

The SecEd Podcast: How to teach oracy skills in the secondary school classroom

This episode focuses on how we can teach oracy and speaking skills in the classroom and across the school, with lots of practical tips, ideas, resources and advice as well as examples from the work of two secondary schools.

The SecEd Podcast: Managing EHCPs in the secondary school

This episode of the SecEd Podcast offers best practice and tips for effectively managing Education, Health, and Care Plans (EHCPs) and supporting students with SEND in the mainstream secondary school.

The SecEd Podcast: Developing students’ literacy skills

This episode looks at how we can best develop the literacy skills of our students, offering whole-school, cross-curricular and classroom-specific ideas, interventions and tips.

The SecEd Podcast: How to be an effective form tutor

This episode discusses the role of the secondary school form tutor – what the role entails, how teachers can become effective form tutors, key expectations and obligations, ideas for running your form day-to-day, general dos & don'ts, and much more.

The SecEd Podcast: Career progression options for teachers

This episode looks at career progression pathways in the secondary school, advising teachers on the range of options out there, how to develop specialisms and experience, and key things to consider when planning where you want to take your teaching career.

The SecEd Podcast: Aspiring to school leadership

This episode offers advice, practical tips and inspiration for teachers who are thinking about taking on leadership roles within schools and for those already climbing the leadership ladder.

The SecEd Podcast: High-impact classroom routines

This episode looks at how to embed high-impact routines into your classroom and your teaching. We ask which routines or learning habits are the most successful and how can they be established in order to make teaching and learning more efficient and effective.

The SecEd Podcast: How to plan great lessons

This episode considers effective lesson-planning in the secondary school, offering practical advice and ideas for teachers as well as subject and curriculum leaders. Topics include curriculum-sequencing, the non-negotiables, your end-points, tackling misconceptions, and much more

The SecEd Podcast: School inspection & Ofsted

This episode tackles Ofsted school inspection. Three experts offer practical insights, advice and tips for secondary schools – including the latest inspection trends to watch out for – to help you thrive when the inspectors come calling.