This edition of the SecEd Webinar features a best practice discussion about how teachers can create an inclusive classroom and implement adaptive teaching, especially for our students with SEND.
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The webinar, which took place on January 23, asked how we can provide equitable access to an ambitious curriculum for all students.

Not all students are equal. Some have additional and different needs, some have lower starting points and/or gaps in their prior knowledge that makes it harder for them to access our curriculum and keep pace with their peers.

To feed all students the same diet of schooling is therefore to perpetuate these differences and to deepen existing disadvantages. Rather, we need to do more for those who start with less.

But what does “more” look like in practice? If it’s adaptive teaching, what’s the difference between this and traditional differentiation? If it’s additional interventions and support, how can we make a success of them while also ensuring they won’t promote learned helplessness?

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