At the chalkface: The Fall

Something happens, gradually, incrementally – certainly in my classes. Let’s call it the Fall, the Big School Fall. They get less bright, boredom sets in, behaviour gets worse...

Let us ponder on these 7th years before us. Three weeks in and they’re still a delight, bonny and bright as the late summer sun bouncing off their pretty bonces. Wonder seems to rule. Curiosity also.

They sit at their desks in their daft new uniforms, eyes like gobstoppers, hands up, pens out, books covered, titles underlined, homework done, sometimes in their best Marion Richardson style. How charming! All gods’ children present and buzzing – Dragana, Aisha, Almuna, Khalif, Charlie, Polly, Sylvie with her curls and Timothy Winters with his smile. Home grown or war zone, native or the latest seeker of asylum, it works.

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