Back from the Brink: How can we re-engage disengaged students?

Written by: Pete Henshaw | Published:

There are many students for whom school is difficult – with many different reasons why. In this supplement, we seek expert advice for how schools can support teenagers who face serious barriers to their education, including those at risk of dropping out all together.

This free 16-page supplement (available as a pdf download by clicking the button below) includes articles from a number of experts as well as inspiring school case studies.

Ultimately, we ask how we might re-engage with these often-vulnerable young people and offer practical advice, ideas and tips for how we can tackle and address a range of different barriers to education.

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Articles in the supplement include:

  • Getting attendance right: Poor school attendance can be a key warning sign of more serious problems to come for a vulnerable child. But how can we intervene to re-engage pupils and improve attendance?
  • Emotionally based school avoidance: Five steps to re-engage with pupils who struggle to attend school.
  • How to re-engage students in the classroom: What can classroom teachers do to re-engage unmotivated pupils in learning?
  • Reigniting aspirations: A look at how Everton Free School's GOALS programme is helping to build relationships and aspirations.
  • Connection and kindness: Supporting vulnerable teenagers requires us to connect with them, to be kind, to help them "belong", and to build relationships – some lessons from SEMH practice
  • Case study: The golden rule: #knowyourstudents: St Edward's CE Academy
  • Case study: A long-term inclusion plan: Shenley Brook End School
  • Emotion coaching: Understanding what we feel
  • Mental health: Strategies to handle anxiety
  • Online alternative provision: How online provision can be a transformative learning alternative for vulnerable and at-risk students

The supplement has been produced by SecEd with kind support from Academy 21, an online alternative education provision.


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