The SecEd Podcast interviews secondary education experts and focuses on best practice, policy and research in the classroom and across the school, offering practical advice, insights and examples from professionals working in and with UK secondary schools. Each episode features a panel of teachers, school leaders and other experts and tackles topics relevant to secondary teaching and learning and wider education practice.

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The SecEd Podcast: Effective school improvement: Practices and processes

This episode offers practical advice and ideas for effective school improvement practices and processes, including guidance from four experienced secondary school leaders who discuss their common priorities and areas of focus, core principles, vision and values and much more besides...

The SecEd Podcast: Everyone’s Invited & Safeguarding in Schools

This podcast focuses on the Everyone's Invited revelations of sexual harassment, abuse, bullying and violence in schools and the recommendations of the subsequent review by Ofsted. Our experts look at how schools must respond, the implications for safeguarding practice, and offer practical advice on how we can create a culture of safety in schools

The SecEd Podcast: Eco-work and reducing carbon emissions in schools

This episode looks at student-led eco-work in schools and how schools can reduce their carbon emissions. Our expert panel offers a range of ideas – large and small – for student-led projects and cost-saving initiatives.

The SecEd Podcast: Effective marking and feedback

In this episode, three experienced teachers offer a range of tips, ideas and advice for effective marking, feedback and assessment practices in the classroom. Themes include workload reduction, in-class marking, whole-class feedback, specific techniques & more...

The SecEd Podcast: What do our students need from schools post-pandemic?

There is a lot of talk about academic catch-up, lost learning, and a Covid generation. But what do our students actually need as we emerge from the pandemic? What should school look like from September?

The SecEd Podcast: Tackling the consequences of poverty

This episode considers the impact that poverty has on children, families and education and what schools can do about it, offering practical advice and ideas for school leaders and teachers

The SecEd Podcast: Effective transition for year 7 pupils

This episode considers how we can ensure a smooth start to secondary school for our year 7 pupils. Our expert panels discuss general best practice ideas and approaches as well as specific advice for this September and a Covid-affected transition...

The SecEd Podcast: Diversity & equality in schools

This episode considers practical steps that schools can take to create a diverse and inclusive culture, especially when it comes to curriculum teaching and the school workforce...

The SecEd Podcast: Effective safeguarding practice in schools

This episode offers a wealth of practical insights, advice and ideas for effective safeguarding practice in schools. We look at general good safeguarding practice as well as safeguarding during Covid-19.

The SecEd Podcast: Best Education Podcast 2021

The SecEd Podcast – which recently celebrated its one year anniversary – has been awarded the title of Best Education Podcast 2021.

The SecEd Podcast: The Secrets to Quality First Teaching

What does effective teaching look like in the classroom? This episode of The SecEd Podcast dissects the key ingredients of quality first teaching, offering tips & ideas, advice & guidance from three practising and experienced teachers.

The SecEd Podcast: Inclusion & SEND during Covid-19

This episode focuses on issues of SEND, inclusion and diversity in the school environment in the context of the Covid pandemic, our students returning following national lockdown, and how we might build back better.

The SecEd Podcast: Teaching students who use English as an additional language (EAL)

This episode looks at how we can effectively teach and support students who use English as an additional language in the classroom.

The SecEd Podcast: Vulnerable Learners & Covid-19

As schools reopen fully from March 8, what should our priorities be going forward? This episode of The SecEd Podcast focuses on how we can overcome the barriers to education and wellbeing facing our most vulnerable students during Covid-19

The SecEd Podcast: Effective Middle Leadership

This episode looks at the skills, traits and approaches that effective middle leaders employ in the secondary school environment, offering a range of practical advice, tips and reflections