The SecEd Podcast: What do our students need from schools post-pandemic?

There is a lot of talk about academic catch-up, lost learning, and a Covid generation. But what do our students actually need as we emerge from the pandemic? What should school look like from September?

Many politicians and commentators have adopted a deficit model to discuss schooling post-pandemic, focusing on academic catch-up above all else.

But have we stopped to ask what our children actually need? Have we stopped to consider how schools might Build Back Better? Or what school should look like from September for those of us that reject this deficit mindset?

This podcast was inspired after an article by a long-time friend of SecEd Graham Moore, a former inner city teacher of 13 years, in which he challenges schools to reject the rhetoric of catch-up at all costs and to focus on what our students need...

The podcast discussion, which was recorded on Monday, May 24, involves Graham, two headteachers, and two year 11 students and touches on many issues, from mental health & wellbeing to curriculum and mentoring, and the Covid innovations we want to keep. Ultimately, we try to answer the question, What do our students need right now.

Our guests were:

  • Liam Powell, Headteacher of Manor High School in Leicester.
  • Graham Moore, former teacher, Founding Director of humanutopia
  • Ben Pearce, Principal, City of Peterborough Academy
  • Tori and Lina: Two Year 11 Heroes from City of Peterborough Academy

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