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TechnoTeaching – five simple ideas

Do you wonder how to make the most of ICT to enhance your skills as a teacher? Nicole Ponsford and Dr Julie Wood, authors of the new book TechnoTeaching, offer five simple ideas for teachers who want to embrace technology.

Webinars, Skype chats, Twitter for educators, e-coaching, sleek new online tools for collaboration, MOOCs. Every time you pick up an educational journal, or log onto an “ed-tech” website, you can’t help but read breathless accounts by techno-enthusiasts (like us, in fact!) about the benefits of becoming a “global citizen”. 

But to what extent are you, as teachers and school leaders, actually incorporating these digital resources into your practice? What does this lofty goal look like on the ground? How will it work with new curricula?

Is it only the technology-loving front-runners who are on the vanguard of change? Or can other educators of children – perhaps those who are slightly more cautious, a bit more tentative – join in if given a boost from colleagues (some of whom one may only know virtually)?

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