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Standing at the crossroads: Using questions to enable responsive teaching

Questioning is at the heart of teaching. In the second of three articles, Michael Chiles looks at how we can use questions to enable responsive teaching every time we reach the crossroads…
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Effective teaching is a dynamic process that goes beyond just simply delivering the curriculum. At the heart of this process is checking for understanding.

This practice allows teachers to gauge what their students have understood in real-time, serving as a compass to guide their instructional decisions.

Just as a traveller arrives at a crossroads and must choose a path, teachers must make choices about the direction of their lessons based on their students' responses and the teacher’s active observations.

Following my first article focused on building a culture of questioning and encouraging student participation, in this second of three articles, we will explore the importance of checking for understanding and how questions can be a powerful tool for enabling this, providing the springboard for responsive teaching.

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