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Pedagogy: Video killed the teaching star

The use of film and video clips in the classroom is common, but Paul Gammans believes it is often done without justification, adding nothing to learning outcomes and switching pupils off learning. He presents his arguments and then offers some practical advice for how film might be better used by teachers

What is it with teachers and an obsession with playing films in the classroom? Call me a Neanderthal if you like, but in my opinion, there is no video on Earth that is a replacement for good old fashioned teaching. Not even in HD.

Everyone knows the old adage that teachers can’t work the video player. Like many of you, I remember sitting in class, the teacher wheeling in the trolley with an (even then) ancient CRT TV and VCR, then spending half the lesson calling every other teacher in the department to help them to work it.

We would then sit there all lesson, doodling in our books, whispering about beating each other on Street Fighter after school and generally not paying much attention.

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