NQTs will encounter a range of SEN in their classrooms. One common condition is ADHD. Sarah Long offers some quick pointers

What do you do with the child who does not fit in the box – think outside the box.

All teachers have taught children who just don’t fit into a school environment. They are the pupils who can’t sit still or stay in their seats, who do things on the spur of the moment without any idea of the possible consequences. They are usually bright but never demonstrate their full potential because of their lack of focus and their behaviour takes up your time, attention and frustrates you, while disrupting the other children’s learning.

If all of the above sounds familiar you are probably teaching some children with ADHD – whether they have been diagnosed by a health care professional or not. Schools are scary or tough places for these children. Just think about what we ask them to do on a daily basis: stay in their seat, keep still, stop fidgeting, pay attention, listen to my instructions, follow my instructions – the list of demands are endless and difficult to achieve if your brain makes it hard for you to comply.

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