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No excuse for no excuses: Meet Grant, Scott, Conor & Rhys

Do you believe in a system of no excuses? Jean Gross invites you to meet Grant, Scott, Conor and Rhys and explains why you may need to flex your behaviour policy just a little...

Tight, “no excuses” behaviour management systems are all the rage. They work for most pupils. Clear rules and routines provide boundaries that make children feel safe. And without them we can get classroom mayhem where no-one can learn.

But what about the children who don’t respond? What if a school finds that the same set of students end up sent out of class or put in detention, again and again?

It may be that the school needs a more nuanced approach to discipline, based on understanding that there are different reasons for misbehaviour.

Four students

Grant is 12. He rarely does what he’s asked to in class and constantly gets into fights at lunch and break. Nevertheless, he is seen as a leader and has plenty of friends. When something interests him, he can stick at it for hours.

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