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Early career teachers: How to make the most of your mentoring

Mentoring can be a crucial support during your time as an early career teacher. But how can you make the most of your mentor and play your part in an effective mentoring relationship? ECT mentor Sean Harris advises

Mentoring isn’t a new concept. Even the Ancient Greeks understood the value of a mentor.

The philosopher Socrates was a mentor to Plato and this had a significant impact on shaping Plato’s ideas and theories of learning.

This undoubtedly shaped Plato’s later mentoring of his own student, Aristotle. All three helped to architect the theories of learning that we see today.

There is now a plethora of research literature that shows how important mentoring is to the development of practitioners (Connor & Pokora, 2007; Megginson & Clutterbuck, 2005) and we continue to serve in a profession today that is shaped by early mentor-mentee dialogue.

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