Low-cost private schools?

Suggestions that firms are keen to set-up low-cost private schools in the UK has raised a few eyebrows. Dr Bernard Trafford is sceptical

Low-cost private schools might become reality in the UK according to recent press reports. The trailblazer for this is the proposed £2,900-a-year Independent Grammar School Durham, awaiting approval to open this September with 100 pupils.

As head of an independent school in the North East, I have a view! But I won’t huff and puff. Charging fees, although not-for-profit and a registered charity, my school operates in a commercial marketplace: it’s not for me to complain if another school sets out to undercut mine.

The average secondary day-school fee is £13,500: London day schools appear this year to be touching £20,000, while boarding tops £30,000. In the interest of openness, I’ll add that my school’s fees are £12,160.

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