Have you ever lost it?

Teaching staff
I’ve nearly been there too. There’ve been times when I’ve imagined visiting extreme prejudice on the more hard core villains – wind-up artists, saboteurs, wise guys, thugs, rent-a-mouths, sadists and Dave Mania and Sidney Lunk at full throttle.

We’ve just returned from an agreeable Nature Ramble and some chums have acquired tadpoles and frogs and doused them in powder paints and set them hopping about all over the classroom. I’m the ringleader and find it all most amusing. I will simply not shut up. Yak! Yak! Yak! I’m ruining the lesson. 

Miss Weston has really had enough and puts me in the corner and sticks Band Aid plasters across my yapping gob. It does shut me up, apart from an odd mewling noise. She does her best not to giggle. The lesson proceeds in peace. My parents are with her all the way. Well done! But Miss Weston’s behaviour is wrong – morally, physically, psychologically, philosophically. It can induce trauma in the tender infant mind. 

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