Teaching staff are aware of the vulnerabilities of students, but how conscious are we of the simple cumulative impact of lessons and daily school life on our most vulnerable young people? Sara Alston reflects and advises
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One of the things we forget in schools is that each lesson affects and is affected by the ones that come before and after. While it is commonly agreed that the last lesson on a Friday afternoon, particularly if the weather is bad, can be difficult, few of us look beyond this being a reality of school timetabling – I think this is a mistake.

First, we know that we all get tired: students and teachers. It is important to recognise this. Often there is little we can do about it – but acknowledgment can make a huge difference.

By Friday afternoon, we are ready for home. But this is not the only time that tiredness hits. It might be after a PE lesson, after lunch, or as a result of a busy or difficult weekend, a bad night’s sleep, and so on.

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