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Ten ideas for developing life-skills in the classroom

Pedagogy Skills
How can teachers teach life-skills as part of their day-to-day lessons? Louise Treherne suggests 10 practical ideas

There is much agreement among educators on the importance of life-skills such as resilience, confidence, tenacity and a growth mindset when it comes to preparing pupils to flourish. But how can teachers actively help to develop these skills? Here are 10 ideas.

Vocalise feeling: Through being more transparent about feelings and emotions, teachers can help to develop emotional awareness within their pupils. Rather than hiding every emotion to remain “unflappable”, teachers can (where appropriate) talk through their feelings aloud. Through sharing with your class that you are feeling upset by some sad news you received, or slightly nervous about a presentation, pupils learn to understand these feelings are all normal, and although potentially uncomfortable, they are part of life.

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