There are a range of LGBT issues and considerations in schools, and teachers may sometimes be unsure or concerned about how best to respond. Adele Bates answers some FAQs...

Q: Why is there such a focus on LGBT+ issues? What’s it got to do with my teaching?

LGBT+ people have always been in human history. Always. Half of all LGBT+ pupils face bullying at school for being LGBT+, more than four in five trans young people have self-harmed, and LGBT+ youth are four times more likely to kill themselves than their heterosexual, cis-gender (non-trans) counterparts.

If a young person can be themselves, and are supported with the mental, emotional or social difficulties that may arise, then they will more easily access learning, raise their achievement and progress levels.

Q: Queer, genderfluid, transition, non-binary – what does it all mean?

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