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From retrieval practice to test-enhanced learning

Research into the factors that make the use of retrieval practice effective continues apace. From directing attention and boosting motivation to designing curriculum with retrieval in mind, Kristian Still – the author of a new book on test-enhanced learning in the classroom – updates us on the power of test-enhanced learning
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Writing in SecEd back in December 2021 I stated – somewhat boldly – that “retrieval practice alone is not enough – we must also consider spaced learning, interleaving, feedback and metacognition” (Still, 2021).

I stand by that statement, however I am now aware that back then I was underplaying the complexities of retrieval practice.

That article led to a subsequent nine-article series and two podcasts in SecEd in 2022 focused on the research underpinning retrieval practice and its many elements and practical classroom strategies.

And that series led to a book, published this month – Test-Enhanced Learning: A practical guide to improving academic outcomes for all students.

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