In this five-part series, Matt Bromley looks at best practice for planning and delivering a broad and equitable extra-curricular offer. In part two, he looks at how we staff, schedule and resource activities, including via the Pupil Premium

Extra-curricular activities series

Staffing, scheduling and the Pupil Premium

While no-one would argue against the merits of offering pupils the chance to experience a wider curriculum and to participate in enjoyable and enriching activities, the challenge for schools is often one of resources, as we discussed in detail during a recent episode of the SecEd Podcast (2022).

After all, extra-curricular activities need to be staffed and staff time costs money. These activities need to be accommodated and keeping school open also incurs costs. And many activities require specialist equipment, which again has financial implications.

A further challenge is exactly when to run activities in a way that doesn’t unduly inconvenience staff or pupils, including the site staff who may have to open the school early or keep it open later. And the timing of activities must not exclude some pupils because of transport issues or because of other commitments outside of school. So, how can schools overcome these challenges?

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