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Culture eats strategy for breakfast – especially when implementing AI in your school

AI is not a goal for schools – but it is a potential tool to enhance our work to help students learn and achieve. Anne Cameron and David Weston consider how schools should approach AI so that it is implemented carefully and appropriately and doesn't simply become the latest gimmick
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In the fast-paced world of education, the idea of integrating artificial intelligence (AI) makes us ask the question: Could this be a game-changer?

What would be the circumstances that will make us confident that we could create genuinely improved practices and avoid the risk of falling behind?

The path to answering this lies not in the technology itself but in the ability of educational institutions to navigate change, to carefully evaluate ideas, and to empower their team. It takes a strategic approach to ensure that the result is game-changers and not just gimmicks.

No change in classroom practice can happen without professionals learning and adapting. This requires a deep understanding of how to initiate change and how to create conditions not just processes – that foster purposeful and thoughtful changes in practice.

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