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Calm leadership: Leading your people

Continuing his series this year on how to be a calm school leader, Patrick Cozier focuses on leading people and the importance of human empathy, kindness, and other traits

It has always been my belief that ultimately, leadership is about people. This is one of the central tenets of calm leadership. You can’t be a leader if no-one is following you. The very essence of being a leader only exists in relationship to other people – hence my view that it is how you relate to others that defines your leadership.

System, procedures, and policies are all very important for effective leadership. But these things are critical to supporting your leadership of others. Let me give you an example…

Calm leadership: A nine-part SecEd series

Patrick Cozier’s nine-part SecEd series on calm leadership is publishing all this year:
Part 1: What is calm leadership and why is it important?
Published November 30, 2022
Part 2: Leadership of self: Developing a sense of perspective:
Published January 17, 2023
Part 3: Imposter Syndrome: How to reduce the impact of this.
Published February 20, 2023
Part 4: Everyone is out to get me! Dealing with the paranoia of leadership.
Published March 27, 2023
Part 5: Leadership of people: The importance of human empathy and kindness (this article)
Part 6: Leadership is difficult: Embrace the role and value it. Published May 23, 2023
Part 7: The importance of honesty, integrity, and humility (due May/June)
Part 8: Optimism: It maintains us as leaders in the most challenging of times (due June)
Part 9: Don’t attempt to follow: Be the best leadership version of yourself (due July)

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