Vocational routes will be key for most of 2022’s top jobs


Vocational qualifications will enable young people to access all but one of the 10 most in-demand careers in 2022, research has found.

A report from the Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) finds that by 2022 there is expected to be an additional 3.6 million job vacancies in mid-skilled occupations that require Level 3 vocational qualifications, such as an advanced Apprenticeship.

The research lists the 10 careers that it says will be most in-demand by 2022, see below, with nine of these being attainable via vocational qualifications.

In 2022, the top three in-demand occupations will be in health and care, the report predicts, because of an ageing population which will require nearly 2.75 million more health and care workers.

At the same time, there will be nearly 500,000 jobs in skilled construction trades, ranging from bricklayers to geothermal pump installers.

There will also be 250,000 jobs for “associate professionals”, people with Level 4 qualifications such as Foundation Degrees and Higher Apprenticeships. These will include positions such as accounting technician, day care managers, dental technologists, and financial advisors.

The only top 10 profession not accessible via vocational routes is  health professional, which includes medical practitioners, psychologists and pharmacists.

The research has been released to coincide with the annual Vocational Qualifications Day celebrations, which took place yesterday (Wednesday, June 4).

Jan Hodges, CEO of vocational education charity Edge, which organises VQ Day, said: “This research clearly demonstrates that we must continue to support high-quality vocational education if we are to meet the needs of our future economy.

“Education that combines rigorous academic teaching with a more practical and technical element – as we are seeing at University Technical Colleges, Career Colleges and Studio Schools – is a good example of how we can address the future skills issue. However, we also need to raise the esteem of vocational qualifications and celebrate the success of people completing them.”

Read the IPPR research report at www.edge.co.uk/research

Top 10 occupations in 2022

  1. Caring and personal service occupations (care workers, dental nurses)
  2. Health and social care associate professionals (social workers, probation officers)
  3. Health professionals (medical practitioners, psychologists, pharmacists)
  4. Business, media and public service professionals (journalists, public relations)
  5. Corporate managers and directors (chief executives, production managers/directors in manufacturing)
  6. Culture, media and sports occupations (artists, dancers and photographers)
  7. Leisure, travel and related personal service occupations (sports/leisure assistants, hairdressers)
  8. Other managers and proprietors (property/housing/estate managers, waste disposal/environmental services managers)
  9. Customer service occupations (sales/retail assistants, telephone salespersons)
  10. Business and public service associate professionals (air traffic controllers, insurance underwriters)



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