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The Death of Teaching

In a six-part series in SecEd, Joel Wirth takes a look at common elements of classroom practice ...

Editorial Comment: Stop cutting CPD spending

No time. No money. If schools continue to slash their spending on CPD it will only end badly for pupils, says Deborah Roberts
SecEd 539: Thursday, March 21

SecEd 539: Thursday, March 21

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Support staff are in crisis

20 March 2019

Support staff are the glue that holds a school together and yet are facing over-work, under-pay and ...

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Step Up, Speak Up

19 March 2019

A range of educational resources have been published as part of a Europe-wide project to ...

School chef award

19 March 2019

Steven Cross has scooped the 2019 School Chef of the Year title after being given a wild card ...

Four STEM challenges

19 March 2019

The Youth Industrial Strategy Competition has been launched calling for students aged 11 to 19 ...

Ambition Institute

19 March 2019

A merger between Ambition School Leadership and the Institute for Teaching has led to the ...


What is the biggest barrier to teacher retention in your school?

VOTE Excessive Workload (62%)

VOTE Poor Pupil Behaviour (9%)

VOTE Pressure of Inspection (4%)

VOTE Lack of CPD & Training (2%)

VOTE Poor Leadership & Management (5%)

VOTE Poor Pay & Conditions (16%)

VOTE Retirement (1%)

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