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Editorial Comment: Recruitment: Getting it right

There are huge problems with the high-stakes high accountability culture in England which undoubtedly contributes to teachers leaving the profession, but how many schools are taking responsibility and proactively doing something about it?
SecEd 547: January 2020

SecEd 547: January 2020

The January edition of SecEd published on Thursday, January 16. The next edition will be out on February 6. Our next eBulletins are due out on January 16, 23, 30 & February 6 & 13.
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What is the biggest driver of teacher workload?

VOTE Inspection preparation (19%)

VOTE Excessive marking (55%)

VOTE Lesson/weekly planning (7%)

VOTE Data recording/analysis (7%)

VOTE Basic admin/support tasks (2%)

VOTE Staff meetings (2%)

VOTE Setting/reviewing pupil targets (3%)

VOTE Curriculum/qualification change (3%)

VOTE Government policy/initiatives (2%)

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