Programming not a priority for ICT teachers


Support for the development of programming skills appears to be low among ICT teachers.

Research involving ICT teachers found that only 14 per cent felt programming was a high priority for inclusion in the new computer science curriculum.

The National Foundation for Educational Research spoke to 770 primary and secondary teachers for its annual Teacher Voice survey and found that 30 per cent of teachers felt programming was a low priority.

In addition, while over half (55 per cent) of ICT teachers reported feeling “very confident” or “confident” about teaching a more flexible ICT or computer science course, a notable minority (18 per cent) reported “not being very confident” or “not at all confident”. 

It comes after the Department for Education decided to disapply the ICT national curriculum from this term. 

Schools will still be required to teach ICT to pupils at all key stages, but teachers will have the flexibility to decide what is best for their pupils.

Matt Walker, a research manager at NFER, said: “The findings suggest that more work needs to be done in equipping ICT teachers with the skills and expertise required to teach computer science and in communicating to them why it is needed.”


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