At a glance headlines: September 4, 2014


The latest NEET figures, new resources for coding, and advice for schools on tackling the bullying of deaf children are among the SecEd At a glance headlines for September 4, 2014.

NEET figures

The number of 16 to 24-year-olds who are not in education, employment or training (NEET) has fallen to 809,000. The figures for the April to June 2014 period represent a fall of 1.9 percentage points when compared with the same period in 2013. Within this number, are 146,000 16 to 18-year-olds, down 1.1 percentage points. Participation for 16-year-olds is now at 95.3 per cent, up 1.2 percentage points.

Coding resources

The BBC’s Bitesize revision website has published computer programming study guides to help support the teaching of coding within the new computing curriculum. It has said it is a prelude to a “wider coding initiative planned for next year”. The new materials cover 40 different elements matched to the new curriculum and content for older children includes algorithms, data representation and binary. Visit:

Deaf support

Bullying and Deaf Children: A guide for primary and secondary schools has been launched to help schools tackle any bullying issues that deaf pupils might be experiencing. Research by its creators, the National Deaf Children’s Society, has shown that almost two-thirds of deaf young people have been bullied because of their deafness. There are 45,000 deaf children and young people in the UK. The charity has also produced a guide for parents and resources for deaf children. Visit:

Careers insights

“Engineering”, “science” and “accounting” were among the most popular search terms in the fortnight after A level results day on school-leaver website Not Going To Uni. “Apprenticeships” was top of the list of searches, while “gap year”, “banking and finance” and “sport and fitness” also featuring in the top 10. The site offers information about options post-compulsory education. Visit:

Global wallplanner

Think Global’s free Global Wallplanner and teaching resource are both now available to help schools plan ahead for the new academic year. Think Global is a charity that supports global learning via its Global Dimension website, which offers curriculum-based resources and training.? Teachers can order copies of the wallplanner online and download a PDF teaching resource and iCalendar. Visit:

Human rights

Amnesty International has launched its teacher training programme for the third year running. The course offers training in human rights education and advice on how to tackle controversial issues in the classroom and develop students’ values and attitudes. It runs from November 22 and the deadline for registration is October 3. Visit:


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