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How to improve CPD and teaching – right now!

2 November 2021

A report from the Education Endowment Foundation advises on ensuring effective CPD in schools. Roger Higgins outlines some of the practical lessons we can learn from the findings

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Three inspections in a week: We need more compassion

17 January 2022

There is much anger that Ofsted insisted on business as usual last term as the pandemic took hold once again. We need to see a more compassionate inspectorate this term and beyond, says Dr Sam Parrett

No evidence that ‘brutal’ Ofsted regime works

6 December 2021

If Ofsted cannot show that it achieves its core purpose, what hope does the profession suffering under its tyrannical yoke have? Ofsted is still driving pointless workload and operating with no ...

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Curriculum design

14 January 2020

SecEd's January 2020 Best Practice Focus eight-page pull out section offers four steps to help schools design an effective, broad and balanced curriculum.

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