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Diary of an NQT: Coping with lockdown

1 May 2020

The coronavirus lockdown has changed our NQT diarist’s whole way of working. He reflects on how his school is supporting home education

Beating the exam cheats

12 November 2019

While the headlines were dominated by a proposed ban on watches in the exam hall, the independent inquiry into exam malpractice also made other important recommendations. Its chair, Sir John Dunford, ...

You can’t be what you can’t see

17 September 2019

There are now more girls than boys taking science A levels but we cannot let our on-going focus on providing positive career role models for young women slip, says Edwina Dunn

Diary of an NQT: The countdown to GCSEs

13 March 2019

With exams on the horizon, the pressure to run extra sessions and interventions is mounting, but our NQT diarist is making sure to protect her work/life balance

At the chalkface: Revision!

2 May 2018

Universities are, apparently, offering “therapy dogs and rabbits” to soothe the savagely stressed. Read that sentence again. Read it and weep.

Diary of an NQT: My first parents’ evening

10 January 2018

With mock exam results published, our NQT diarist is bracing himself for some focused and perhaps difficult conversations during his first parents’ evening…

Diary of an NQT: All change...

3 January 2018

Our NQT diarist has lost some of the classes with which he had been making good progress, and has been given a new challenging history group...

Diary of an NQT: Assessment

15 November 2017

The end of his first assessment cycle is looming for our NQT diarist, and with it comes a sharp increase in workload and pressure…

Scottish education: The challenges ahead

31 August 2017

The new academic year brings with it key challenges for teachers and school leaders in Scotland. We asked the general secretaries of the Educational Institute of Scotland and the Scottish Secondary ...

At the chalkface: The lost ones

19 April 2017

I’m puzzled by this. I feel guilty, depressed. Were teachers like us really such rubbish? Many have now been sacked or are “disappeared” by murderously efficient super heads.

Questions over National Reference Tests

30 November 2016

Questions remain unanswered over the decision to use National Reference Tests to guide GCSE grade-setting and end ‘grade inflation’. Ian Toone explains

At the chalkface: Poppy – an average pupil

30 November 2016

The poor mites attended twilight booster sessions, Saturday Morning Intervention classes, holiday revision pogroms, copied parrot answers off the board, bought Bitesize cribs, but, no, I couldn’t ...

NQT Special: Reflections on a busy year

29 June 2016

SecEd’s current NQT diarist is a science teacher from the Midlands. As his first year at the chalkface comes to a close, we asked him to sum up some of the highs and lows...

Diary of an NQT: A busy end to the year

22 June 2016

Despite year 11 exam leave, it’s a busy end to our NQT diarist’s year – with CPD, parents’ evening and planning for the next academic year...

Diary of an NQT: A little breathing space

25 May 2016

The school feels a lot emptier now exam leave has begun – giving our NQT diarist a bit of time to tackle those tasks that have fallen to the wayside

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