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COP26: We must create climate-literate students

13 September 2021

It is vital that every student leaves education climate-literate, equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to tackle climate change. Kevin Courtney introduces some new resources to help schools ...

Government incompetence on a huge scale

23 March 2021

Free school meals – exams – Covid testing – the digital divide. Schools are doing everything they can to support young people but are working in the face of incompetent national leadership, says ...

Funding: We’re not there yet

9 October 2019

After years of undermining union campaigning on school funding, the government finally accepts that additional money is needed. But the recent investment will not be enough, says Kevin Courtney

Send My Friend to School

27 February 2019

The UK has a key role to play in the fight to unlock education for the 262 million children who remain out-of-school, says Kevin Courtney

School funding: Still they do nothing...

5 December 2018

The noise being made over the school funding crisis has become deafening, yet still the government is choosing to ignore the evidence, says Kevin Courtney

Our child poverty shame

3 October 2018

The government is not short on rhetoric over social mobility and child poverty, but the reality in Britain today is very different, says Kevin Courtney

Is Ofsted value for money?

28 February 2018

Kevin Courtney says that many teachers believe Ofsted is not fit-for-purpose – a punitive system which does not help schools to improve...

Academies: A very expensive mess

6 December 2017

The academies programme is an expensive mess and, in the face of overwhelming evidence, the government is burying its head in the sand. It’s time for a radical rethink...

School funding: A call to action

3 October 2017

The average secondary school faces real-term, per-year losses of £178,321. With a mass lobby of Parliament planned, Kevin Courtney says enough is enough

Choices have to be made...

24 May 2017

Political choices have to be made on school funding before it’s too late, says Kevin Courtney

T levels vs the EBacc?

22 March 2017

The plans for new ‘Technical levels’ fail to take into account the adverse impact of the EBacc on the curriculum and so risk failure, says Kevin Courtney

Not sufficient, not fair

18 January 2017

Funding cannot be called ‘fair’ if it is not sufficient. Kevin Courtney spells out the real-terms funding cuts facing schools and calls for government action

Sprinklers: An illogical decision

2 November 2016

School fires are common but the requirement for new schools to have sprinklers has been dropped. Kevin Courtney says this is short-sighted and dangerous

School funding: The fight will continue

7 September 2016

With the funding pressures on schools continuing to bite hard, Kevin Courtney pledges to continue his union’s campaign to persuade ministers to change course

The problems with Prevent

9 March 2016

The implementation of the government’s Prevent Duty is in danger of restricting freedom of speech and discussion in our schools, warns Kevin Courtney

Student loans: A brave stand

7 October 2015

A brave stand by one university student has led to a change in Student Loans Company rules, with implications for many prospective students. Kevin Courtney explains

Asbestos: A double standard

30 April 2015

Fire deaths, cycle deaths and school-related asbestos deaths – while the government acts on the first two, it is scandalously slow to tackle the third, says Kevin Courtney

Workload: This simply cannot carry on

4 December 2014

An estimated 10 per cent of the profession has responded to the government’s ‘Workload Challenge’. Kevin Courtney is not surprised.

Ofsted has failed

2 October 2014

The threats and fear of our destructive inspection system need to be replaced by a system which trusts schools and teachers, says Kevin Courtney.

Justice must be done

18 October 2012

The GCSE grading fiasco cannot be swept under the carpet and a legal challenge is on the cards. Kevin Courtney explains.

United we stand

5 July 2012

The two biggest teaching unions have united to fight government attacks on pay and conditions. Kevin Courtney explains.

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