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Full sick pay is essential to Covid safety

16 November 2020

Catering and cleaning staff in schools are more likely to catch Covid, but many do not receive access to full sick pay if they have to self-isolate. Jon Richards says this has to change

Test & trace: A catalogue of broken promises

22 September 2020

The full re-opening of schools is reliant on an effective Covid-19 testing system. And yet we are still waiting. Jon Richards despairs at the bombast of this government and its grandiose broken ...

Support staff: More at risk from Covid-19?

3 June 2020

Data shows that Covid-19 is more of a risk for BAME people, those in poverty and older citizens. Many school support staff fall into these categories and yet have not featured in government ...

Careers education: A little less spin, please

6 November 2019

The self-satisfied spin emanating from the government’s £19 million-a-year Careers and Enterprise Company is doing nothing to help its credibility or win support, says Jon Richards

Support staff deserve better pay as well

11 September 2019

While new teachers are now being promised £30,000 salaries, support staff have had their pay suppressed for too long and merit a decent pay rise, says Jon Richards

Don’t mention the B word

28 November 2018

The shadow of Brexit is hanging over the progress made in recent years by the EU’s education consultation and negotiation group, says Jon Richards

What’s good for teachers...

20 June 2018

Times are tight, but schools that cut CPD for support staff are missing a huge trick, says Jon Richards

A half-decent pay deal...

25 April 2018

Finally, school support staff and other workers have been offered a half-decent pay deal, this now needs to be fully funded, warns Jon Richards

Pay and conditions: Open sesame

27 September 2017

The public sector pay debate has focused on teaching staff, but support staff have been suffering under the pay cap too. Jon Richards wants to see fair pay for all

The problems of support staff workload

19 April 2017

Education ministers are certainly aware of the workload problems facing support staff, but yet are failing to act, says Jon Richards...

Support staff: A tough year ahead…

1 February 2017

Support staff are on the frontline as funding cuts take hold and school leaders are forced to make unpalatable decisions, warns Jon Richards

Protecting the ‘back office’

16 November 2016

When times are tough the cry goes up from ministers: ‘cut back office costs’. Jon Richards urges caution

Apprentices – a good thing, but...

15 June 2016

The government is rushing to meet its Apprenticeships target without ensuring the proper foundations are in place, warns Jon Richards

The forgotten 50 per cent in our schools

20 January 2016

The government’s approach to support staff is sometimes jaw-dropping, says Jon Richards. He details a catalogue of problems that lead to these professional becoming the forgotten 50 per cent.

SBMs and their workload fears

4 November 2015

Teacher workload is high on the educational agenda, but what about other school staff? Jon Richards focuses on the workload crisis facing many school business managers

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