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Three o'clock dossers

11 October 2012

Are you a 3pm dosser? Come on! Hands-up! Sir Michael "Well 'Ard" Wilshaw wants you to work harder...

EBacc to the future

4 October 2012

We need to get EBacc to the future ― to 1956, say, or 1960 ― to my old O level with those Dead White Blokes and a bit of the old Dryden...

Let's get physical

27 September 2012

Your first four actions could well dictate everything. Get the first four steps wrong and your class isn't going to "take the journey with you". Your authority will be shot to bits.

A Flat Spin

20 September 2012

Open Evenings eh? What a palaver! Time for the air steward rictus grin, the caring stare, the perky suit from the Autograph range of M&S, and, of course, the mellifluous flannel of the whizzo head's ...

London Calling

13 September 2012

Maybe it's the Olympics or the Notting Hill Carnival or the terrific new Zadie Smith novel NW, but London is rather rocking at the moment ― especially the inner city.

I'm not going to diss Gove ever again

6 September 2012

I promise to stop taking the mick out of Michael Gove. It's not clever and it's not funny. I'm not going to diss him in this column again. Ever.

The magic space

5 July 2012

Why get angry anymore? It's not going to get better. Market values have won. We've lost. But we haven't lost the big one. The magic space is safe.

Poetry for pleasure

28 June 2012

"Most people ignore most poetry because poetry ignores most people," said the late, great Adrian Mitchell. Well, not quite.

A cautionary tale

21 June 2012

Once upon a time, in the sunless summer of 2012, there was a jolly good library in London Town ― in Kensal Rise.

A shameful tale

21 June 2012

SecEd editor Pete Henshaw on a sorry affair in Brent which epitomises the impact of government cuts.

The cycle of education

14 June 2012

There ought to be a word for this whole caper, this cycle of education. Stupidity? Gall? Incompetence?

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