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NQT Diary: Feedback and marking

4 December 2014

Effective feedback is one of the key drivers of student progress and development. Our NQT diarist discusses some of the strategies in action at her school.

NQT Special: Diary of an NQT – Term 1

27 November 2014

One term down and this year’s SecEd NQT diarist reflects on some of her successes so far as a new teacher and her areas for improvement next term.

Diary of an NQT: Behaviour management

20 November 2014

Our NQT diarist is slowly developing her behaviour management skills, with a range of positive strategies and consistency when it comes to negative sanctions.

Diary of an NQT: Taking the lid off

13 November 2014

Do I make learning engaging enough? Or even fun enough? A CPD session provides some cause for reflection for our NQT diarist.

Diary of an NQT: One down, five to go

16 October 2014

With the half-term almost over, an NQT conference gives our NQT diarist time to reflect on the half-term just gone and inspiration for the five still to come.

Diary of an NQT: The power of the peer

2 October 2014

Seating plans can be challenging as we seek to place every student in the optimum position for learning. Our NQT diarist reports on her success so far.

NQT Diary: Fixed and fierce!

25 September 2014

Having observed some of her colleagues’ lessons, our NQT diarist has found some areas for improvement, but also some areas where things are going very well.

Don’t you worry Confucius

3 July 2014

In her final diary entry of the year, our NQT diarist reflects on a tough year, full of challenges, and realises just how much she has learnt and how far she has come.

Taking a few more risks as NQTs

16 January 2014

With the autumn term under her belt, our NQT diarist resolves to take more risks this time around, especially in a bid to really stretch those gifted and talented students.

NQT Special: Reflections on term one

28 November 2013

So, how was your first term as a teacher? As part of SecEd's NQT special edition, we asked an NQT from the North West to write a short diary picking out some of the highs and the lows from their ...

From maths teacher to bumble bee!

4 July 2013

From a maths teacher and business advisor to a relay runner and even a bumble bee! This year's SecEd NQT diarist signs off with her final entry by looking back at some of the highs of her first year ...

What's your New Term Resolution?

10 January 2013

Our NQT diarist has decided to make a New Term's Resolution – involving 'that' class and her plan to finally win them over...

The NQT week that was

22 November 2012

The inability to say 'no' leads to the week going by in a blur for our NQT diarist.

Farewell Ness

27 September 2012

Ness was a wife, a farmer, a horse whisperer and a lifelong friend. This week she lost her battle with cancer. Our NQT diarist describes how the lessons she learnt from Ness should influence all ...

What if...

6 September 2012

SecEd welcomes a new teacher to our weekly NQT diary blog ― she teaches maths in south London and started the term worrying about "what if.."

And so it ends...

5 July 2012

As the summer approaches, Tomas Duckling pens his final entry in this year's NQT Diary.

Reflections on an NQT year

28 June 2012

SecEd's NQT diarist this year, Tomas Duckling, considers the lessons he has learnt after his first year in the classroom.

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