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Diary of an NQT: A little breathing space

25 May 2016

The school feels a lot emptier now exam leave has begun – giving our NQT diarist a bit of time to tackle those tasks that have fallen to the wayside

Diary of an NQT: In the mode pastoral

18 May 2016

As SecEd's NQT diarist finally says goodbye to the first of his year 11 classes, he is also preparing to write his first set of pastoral tutor group reports

Diary of an NQT: Marking

11 May 2016

With a large pile of practice exams to mark, our NQT diarist is constantly honing his approach to ensure his marking is efficient, effective and fair

Diary of an NQT: So much to do, so little time

20 April 2016

Our NQT diarist is battling against the clock to ensure his examination students are ready before they go, but also has a looming controlled assessment moderation day…

Diary of an NQT: All in a day’s work

16 March 2016

Choir practice and a night walking expedition – a reminder of the variety we find in school life gives our NQT diarist that ‘love my job’ feeling

Diary of an NQT: It’s good to talk!

9 March 2016

The power of informal chats, both when it comes to discipline and when building teacher-student relationships, cannot be underestimated, as our NQT diarist is finding

Diary of an NQT: Thinking about career paths

24 February 2016

The annual review day approaches – when tutors discuss with students their performance, aspirations and career options. Our NQT diarist is already preparing

Diary of a headteacher: Riding the rollercoaster

27 January 2016

School leaders experience a range of emotions – as was perfectly illustrated for our headteacher diarist in the space of a few hours recently. He reflects on how well he handled the various ...

Diary of an NQT: The art of report-writing

27 January 2016

Our NQT diarist is writing his first set of pupil reports and is following a series of steps in a bid to ensure that they offer effective motivation and support

Diary of an NQT: Handling the mocks

13 January 2016

As term two gets fully underway, our NQT diarist is handling the fall-out from the mock exams – both positive and negative…

Diary of an NQT: Back to the chalkface

6 January 2016

Fully rested, our NQT diarist is ready to go for round two and is looking forward to the challenges and opportunities ahead, both in and out of the classroom

Diary of an NQT: Sixteen and a half days

2 December 2015

With Christmas just around the corner, our NQT diarist is starting to see the progress he has made this term and is making plans for the months ahead...

Diary of an NQT: Behaviour for learning

18 November 2015

By putting himself forward to help with a ‘behaviour for learning’ session, our NQT diarist hopes to make further improvements in his behaviour management

Diary of an NQT: Being a bit more human

11 November 2015

An off-topic conversation about career options – which helped to create an engaging and enjoyable lesson – has got our NQT diarist thinking...

Diary of an NQT: One down, five to go!

4 November 2015

Our NQT diarist is thrilled to have survived and thrived during his first half-term. It’s always challenging, but he is still looking forward to each day in school

Diary of an NQT: An incident I regretted

7 October 2015

Our NQT diarist is running over one particular incident of poor behaviour again and again in his mind and is worried about when he next teaches this student...

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