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Diary of an NQT: My first parents’ evening

10 January 2018

With mock exam results published, our NQT diarist is bracing himself for some focused and perhaps difficult conversations during his first parents’ evening…

Diary of an NQT: All change...

3 January 2018

Our NQT diarist has lost some of the classes with which he had been making good progress, and has been given a new challenging history group...

Diary of an NQT: Under observation

6 December 2017

After a disappointing outcome from his first lesson observation, our NQT diarist is determined to come out fighting this time...

Diary of an NQT: Assessment

15 November 2017

The end of his first assessment cycle is looming for our NQT diarist, and with it comes a sharp increase in workload and pressure…

Diary of an NQT: Focus on your work/life balance

11 October 2017

Being keen to please and eager to say ‘yes’ can make achieving a healthy work/life balance incredibly difficult for new teachers. Our NQT diarist reflects on how he is ensuring that the balance is ...

Diary of an NQT: Getting to know you

13 September 2017

Becoming a form tutor has proved rewarding for our NQT diarist, although the role throws up an array of interesting, engaging and sometimes bizarre interactions with students

Diary of an NQT: Time to say farewell

5 July 2017

SecEd readers have followed the trials and tribulations of our NQT diarist throughout this academic year. The time has come to say goodbye…

Diary of an NQT: The staffroom stress-buster

26 April 2017

Our NQT diarist reflects on how her relationships with fellow teachers have helped her to manage stress and safeguard her sanity in this first year of teaching

Diary of an NQT: The Big O

22 March 2017

The call has come and Ofsted arrives in our NQT diarist’s school for a short inspection – and our NQT is on the inspector’s ‘to see’ list...

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