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Diary of an NQT: Coping with lockdown

1 May 2020

The coronavirus lockdown has changed our NQT diarist’s whole way of working. He reflects on how his school is supporting home education

Diary of an NQT: Improving my practice

15 January 2020

With term one under his belt, our NQT diarist is determined to draw on his colleagues' support to improve his practice during the spring term...

Diary of an NQT: All aboard the NQT rollercoaster

11 September 2019

A new year and a new NQT takes the helm of SecEd's Diary of an NQT. Every month they will be discussing their successes, challenges, highs and lows on the NQT rollercoaster...

NQT Special Edition: Looking back on my NQT year

5 June 2019

This year’s SecEd NQT diarist is a teacher of English from a school in the Midlands. Here she reflects on her first year at the chalkface – the challenges, successes and hopes for year 2

Diary of an NQT: Taking the time to observe others

8 May 2019

Having finally found some time to observe some of her colleagues' lessons, our NQT diarist recommends that all new teachers choose a focus and head out into the school to see other teachers' practice

Diary of an NQT: The countdown to GCSEs

13 March 2019

With exams on the horizon, the pressure to run extra sessions and interventions is mounting, but our NQT diarist is making sure to protect her work/life balance

Diary of an NQT: Back from the school trip

6 March 2019

Exhausted and facing a pile of marking to catch up on, our NQT diarist is back from her first ever residential trip – and doesn’t regret taking it on for a moment

Diary of an NQT: Leading a CPD session

23 January 2019

Asked to lead a cross-school CPD discussion on systems of assessment, our NQT diarist worries about whether she is qualified enough to take on the task…

Diary of an NQT: The mocks are taking over

16 January 2019

The pile of mocks to mark is looming large, but our NQT diarist is determined that these exams will play a vital role in informing her teaching this term

Diary of an NQT: Planning a scheme of work

9 January 2019

Asked to take on the planning of a scheme of work for her department, our NQT diarist has revelled in the experience and now awaits her colleagues’ verdict...

Diary of an NQT: My first parents’ evening

5 December 2018

Our NQT diarist’s first parents’ evening is looming and she is hoping for some positive – yet constructive – conversations about her year 10 students

NQT Special: Lessons from year 2

28 November 2018

Last year’s SecEd NQT diarist is now in his second year at the chalkface. We asked him to offer his advice to this year’s NQT cohort as the end of term one approaches

NQT Special: Diary of an NQT – term one

28 November 2018

SecEd’s NQT diarist writes every week detailing the trials and tribulations from her first year at the chalkface. Here, she looks back on her first term at the successes, failures and lessons ...

Diary of an NQT: An honest assessment

21 November 2018

It is time to compile the termly reports for parents and our NQT diarist is set on being honest and constructive in her feedback

Diary of an NQT: The quiet students

14 November 2018

A recent experience has opened our NQT diarist’s eyes to those quieter students in her classes who might be slipping under the radar...

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