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Recovery won't be easy – but we must succeed

22 February 2021

How must education build back better following the pandemic? Deborah Lawson says that what is needed might not be easy and it won’t be convenient – but we must act all the same, beginning perhaps ...

Covid recovery: A broad curriculum for all

13 July 2020

Schools must heed the government’s call to teach an ‘ambitious and broad curriculum’ from September. We cannot constrict our focus to core subjects or knowledge, says Deborah Lawson

A life and a legacy: Stephen Lawrence Day

11 March 2020

April 22 is Stephen Lawrence Day, when schools are being urged to use free resources to empower young people to live their best lives. Deborah Lawson explains

How accountability must change

22 January 2020

What is accountability for, who is accountable and when will schools be able to welcome inspectors as informed, objective, supportive and empowering colleagues? Deborah Lawson asks the questions

AP and PRUs: The real picture

4 July 2019

Much has been said of late about the role of alternative provision and PRUs – in the context of knife crime, off-rolling and exclusion. Deborah Lawson looks at the real picture...

Knife crime duty ‘ill-thought-out’

7 May 2019

The government’s rush to appear tough on knife crime has led to a flawed proposal that will heap yet more responsibility onto schools, says Deborah Lawson

There are many ways to build character

13 March 2019

In proposing his Five Foundations for Building Character, the education secretary has set out his definition of character and resilience – but young people build these traits in many others ways that ...

It's time for more funding and less blame

16 January 2019

Per-pupil funding is set to be lower in 2019/20 than it was in 2015, but if we are to solve the funding crisis we must end the blame game, says Deborah Lawson

Money, money, money

27 June 2018

The voices are growing louder still – when will the education secretary act to fund education properly and to address the legacy of austerity, asks Deborah Lawson...

Recruitment & retention: Long-term gain?

2 May 2018

The government’s various proposals will not help the teacher recruitment and retention crisis in the short-term, but they do have long-term potential, says Deborah Lawson

STEAM – not just STEM

14 March 2018

We must not STEM the creativity of the arts – but we must STEAM ahead with a broad and balanced curriculum, argues Deborah Lawson

Mental Health: Just a sticking plaster?

1 November 2017

Immediate action is needed to support young people’s mental health, but this will be nothing but a sticking plaster unless we tackle the roots causes of the increasing problems

Meanwhile, outside Westminster…

21 June 2017

While all talk focuses on the hung Parliament election outcome, our education challenges remain. Deborah Lawson outlines three areas for action as ministers get back to work

Technical education: Parity, parity, parity

8 February 2017

The government’s new plan to fill the technical skills gap facing the UK will have to overcome a number of hurdles if it is to succeed, says Deborah Lawson

Selection: A major distraction

21 September 2016

As the debate on selective education rages, vital issues including funding, recruitment, assessment and the curriculum are being ignored, says Deborah Lawson

Exams, gaming and inequality

15 June 2016

Inequality and gaming will continue unless the exam system is uncoupled from a school accountability regime restricted by the EBacc, says Deborah Lawson

Why we cannot support the White Paper

20 April 2016

The latest education White Paper lacks useful detail. As such, it only serves to cause widespread alarm and prevent any meaningful engagement, says Deborah Lawson

Developing a school-led education

27 January 2016

We cannot have a truly school-led education system unless it is lifted out of the election cycle, says Deborah Lawson

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