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The challenges of low prior attainment

5 February 2020

Of the many issues to be raised by Ofsted’s annual report, the on-going battle against off-rolling and the challenges of low prior attainment caught the eye of Chris Parr

Tate warning over decline in arts education

15 January 2020

The debate about the decline in music and arts education rages on. Education ministers are under fire once again despite having announced a £5m investment. Chris Parr reports

Free schools: The debate continues

6 November 2019

Secondary free schools seem to be performing well, but remain less likely to be set-up in areas with historic low attainment. Chris Parr looks at the findings of recent research

Attainment gap: Concern at private tuition spike

9 October 2019

There has been a notable spike in the use of private tuition to help students prepare for examinations. Chris Parr looks at why this might be and the impact on the attainment gap

A levels see worrying decline in English...

11 September 2019

There is concern at the significant decline in the number of students taking English at A level and the blame is being placed on the reformed GCSE curriculum. Chris Parr reports

Ofsted outstanding? The exemption debate heats up

3 July 2019

The chief inspector of schools in England wants to see an end to the exemption from inspection enjoyed by those rated as ‘outstanding’. Chris Parr looks at the debate thus far...

Universities under pressure to widen access

10 June 2019

England’s universities are coming under significant pressure to do much more to widen access to higher education for our most disadvantaged students. Chris Parr reports

School funding: The anger grows...

4 April 2019

The education secretary says he has ‘heard the message’ on funding. But with new figures claiming real-terms cuts of £270 per-pupil, will he take action? Chris Parr reports

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