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Although the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) ranks the threat of an attack in UK schools low, it is not absent and therefore proper safeguards must be in place for pupils and staff.

Its guidance recommends Dynamic Lockdown Procedures – the ability to quickly restrict entry, bestowing occupants time to “run, hide, tell”.

DoorJammer Lockdown is the UK police-accredited solution for turning any in-swinging door, with or without a lock, into a barricade. It meets criteria by being PAS24-tested, instantly deployable, requiring no prior door modification and is quick-release.

Moreover, it does not hinder emergency services. Lockdown is light and portable, yet through patented design its steel angles redirect external force vertically into the ground, meaning the harder a door is tried, the stronger it resists.

The ability to frustrate and delay greatly reduces the number of potential casualties and the Lockdown’s value here makes it the right choice.

  • DoorJammer Lockdown is £39.99 (multiple purchase discount available for schools). Call 01424 429 641 or visit


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