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Using the BBC micro:bit classroom to deliver STEM lessons

11 May 2020

Some schools may struggle to find the time to deliver effective computer science lessons. Richard Fitzwarine-Smith explains how we can use the micro:bit device and micro:bit classroom tool to deliver these lessons in a variety of settings

Home education: Resources for schools, teachers and parents: Part 3

28 April 2020

This is the third edition of the SecEd compendium of home schooling and remote education resources for schools, teachers and parents. We cover a range of subjects, as well as exercise and keeping fit, mental health and wellbeing, cultural and arts activities, and whole-school support

13th National Pupil Premium Conference

19 March 2020

After almost nine years of the Pupil Premium, this SecEd event – taking place in September – will be looking back at the wealth of evidence that has now been published about how schools can best support their most disadvantaged pupils.

Search is on for young engineering innovators

9 March 2020

SecEd’s sister publication, The Engineer, the UK’s longest running magazine for engineers, has begun its annual search for the UK’s next generation of engineering innovators.

STEM Inspiration Awards

6 March 2020

The winners of last year’s STEM Inspiration Awards have recently enjoyed a visit to the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland as part of their prize.


2 March 2020

Freerice is an educational trivia game, supported by the United Nations World Food Programme, whereby every correct answer generates money that goes towards WFP’s operations and mission to end hunger worldwide.

Keeping Children Safe Online

3 February 2020

The online world brings many positives and possibilities, in the way children create, strengthen friendships and even in the way they learn. But it’s also full of risks – and it’s constantly changing.

Assessing EAL proficiency

18 November 2019

Schools must have a clear understanding of EAL pupils’ starting points and progress if they are to reach their full potential. The Bell Foundation offers a number of free tools to help. Katherine Solomon explains

How schools can best implement Curriculum-Led Financial Planning

11 November 2019

Every school has budgeting challenges that they must navigate. Just a few of the many financial pressures currently troubling school budgets include rising teachers’ salaries, pay award increases, and the growing costs of SEN support.

Campaigning for their rights

10 November 2019

Unicef is offering schools free resources to empower young people to learn about their rights and campaign for change. Jess Bool explains

Longitude Explorer Prize

8 November 2019

The Longitude Explorer Prize, for the third year running, is open to secondary schools and youth groups across the UK, to enter teams of 11 to 16-year-olds with ideas for technology that will help improve the world around them.

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