Funding pledge: We’re not out of the woods yet

11 September 2019

Boris Johnson’s £14.5bn funding package offers no immediate relief and will still leave many schools facing financial challenges in the immediate years ahead. Pete Henshaw looks at the recent funding pledges

A levels see worrying decline in English...

11 September 2019

There is concern at the significant decline in the number of students taking English at A level and the blame is being placed on the reformed GCSE curriculum. Chris Parr reports

Action urged over nitrates in school food

11 September 2019

The Welsh government has given a commitment to look again at the quality of school dinners as concerns rise that cancer-causing chemicals are on the menu.

Research studies highlight online harms

11 September 2019

Two recent studies have highlighted potential risks faced by young people who use social media and the dangers posed by e-sports gambling. Emma Lee-Potter reports

Children with speech and language needs face postcode lottery

11 June 2019

Despite a government pledge to tackle the “word gap” between rich and poor children, the amount being spent to support a child with speech and language difficulties varies from as little as £31 to as much as £291 a year depending on where they live.

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