The SecEd Podcast: Diversity & equality in schools

Written by: Pete Henshaw | Published:

This episode considers practical steps that schools can take to create a diverse and inclusive culture, especially when it comes to curriculum teaching and the school workforce...

After a year in which the diversity of what we teacher and our school communities has come to the fore, guest host Adele Bates leads a reflective and practical discussion on equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in the school, especially within the curriculum, school culture and workforce.

Adele hosts an in-depth conversation with #DiverseEd’s Bennie Kara, author of A Little Guide for Teachers: Diversity in Schools; #DiverseEd and #WomenEd's Hannah Wilson, a former headteacher and leadership consultant; Elroy Cahill, headteacher at Kingsley Academy; and Adrian McLean, a trust leader for the Severn Academies Education Trust. For more on DiverseEd, see @DiverseEd2020 or

They discuss how far we have come and what needs to happen next – both from a government viewpoint as well as on the ground in schools.

Topics include decolonising and diversifying the curriculum, issues relating to LGBT+, some whole-school approaches, workforce training and changing school cultures.

We ask what can schools do now to progress this agenda. We consider EDI within school policies, recruitment and school values/culture. Where should schools start with this work? How do we get past tokenism and box-ticking?

If this topic is of interest, we have published a second podcast focused on how we can create diversity and belonging in the classroom:

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