The SecEd Podcast: Diversity and inclusion in the classroom

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Could we have the link to the Elizabeth Rice disability blog please as mentioned by Adele in the ...

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How do we ensure that all students feel represented and included in our classrooms? ​Host Adele Bates leads a reflective and practical discussion on diversity and inclusion in the classroom, asking how we can achieve this and what this looks like.

The discussion touches upon representation, how we can avoid tokenism, and evaluating the resources and examples we use to deliver our curriculum.

We ask how we can include all students in our classrooms and ensure everyone feels that they belong and welcome – how can we build connections with our students. We ask what schools are doing right and touch upon some examples of diversity and representation.

We discuss how we can relate to emotions rather than characteristics, and how we can connect with pupils from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Other themes include advocacy & allyship for our diverse colleagues, BAME & LGBT+ representation, and the experiences of children in care in our classrooms.

Our host is Adele Bates, who supports school leaders and teachers to work with pupils with behavioural needs and SEMH. She is the author of Miss, I Don’t Give A Sh*t: Engaging with challenging behaviour in schools (Sage & Corwin). Adele's guests are:

  • Steven Russell is the founder of Elements SEMH Support. As a child, he lived with nine foster families, was placed into two children's homes and attended five schools. This experience has led him to create Elements.
  • Yamina Bibi is an English teacher and assistant headteacher from east London who also works on issues of diversity and inclusion. She is a #WomenEd London Network Leader and among many things Yamina is a leadership coach and supports women and women of colour to take on leadership positions.

This episode follows on from Adele’s previous SecEd Podcast (May 2021) which considered diversity and inclusion across school culture, the curriculum, and the teaching workforce (

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Could we have the link to the Elizabeth Rice disability blog please as mentioned by Adele in the podcast?
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