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The SecEd Podcast: Making homework effective

This podcast asks what secondary teachers should consider when planning homework, including the most effective tasks, what we must avoid doing, what we should do with the results of homework (marking, checking, feedback?), how much homework we should set, and much more!

The SecEd Podcast: How to be a great SENCO

This episode looks at how to be an effective SENCO – considering best practice in leading SEN provision, the key duties, and how we can carry these out to a high standard. We also offer advice to those taking on the SENCO role for the first time.

The SecEd Podcast: School Leadership – The First 100 Days

This episode considers how to take on a new leadership role in schools – middle or senior leadership – and specifically how we should approach the first 100 days in post. We discuss what our priorities should be for the first 100 days, what not to do, as well as some general principles of effective ...

The SecEd Podcast: Early Career Teachers: Thriving & Surviving

In this episode, we offer advice to early career teachers (ECTs) to help them thrive during their first year/s of teaching. We look at common challenges, key areas of practice (pedagogy, assessment, SEND, workload, wellbeing & more), and how to get the most from your mentor...

The SecEd Podcast: Curriculum Design: Implementation & Impact

Following our popular podcast episode looking at the first of Ofsted's curriculum inspection criteria – intent – we welcome back expert Matt Bromley to discuss effective curriculum implementation and how we can best evaluate our curriculum impact...

The SecEd Podcast: Coaching and mentoring in schools

This episode looks at coaching and mentoring as part of effective CPD practice and staff support in schools. Our experts explore different models, when to use coaching and when to use mentoring, how to measure impact, and practices to avoid.

The SecEd Podcast: Everyone’s Invited & Safeguarding in Schools

This podcast focuses on the Everyone's Invited revelations of sexual harassment, abuse, bullying and violence in schools and the recommendations of the subsequent review by Ofsted. Our experts look at how schools must respond, the implications for safeguarding practice, and offer practical advice ...

The SecEd Podcast: Effective marking and feedback

In this episode, three experienced teachers offer a range of tips, ideas and advice for effective marking, feedback and assessment practices in the classroom. Themes include workload reduction, in-class marking, whole-class feedback, specific techniques & more...

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