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Our child poverty shame

3 October 2018

The government is not short on rhetoric over social mobility and child poverty, but the reality in Britain today is very different, says Kevin Courtney

The political pendulum

19 September 2018

Enough is enough. We need a new era of big thinking from policy-makers rather than mechanistic reforms of structures and accountability, argues Geoff Barton

Are we loading the shotgun?

12 September 2018

Schools face a range of challenges, but we do ourselves no favours when we fail to stand up against a flawed accountability system

Don’t look back in anger? Really?

5 September 2018

We have seen eight years of government failure to support learning with ICT – a period of neglect and a failure of political leadership and vision. Now, it’s the words of John Osborne that ring true rather than those of Oasis, says Bob Harrison

Time for some home truths

30 August 2018

The rhetoric has been about more ‘power’ for schools, without mentioning the additional responsibility attached. We must ask: is the Education Bill right for Scotland’s future?

Money, money, money

27 June 2018

The voices are growing louder still – when will the education secretary act to fund education properly and to address the legacy of austerity, asks Deborah Lawson...

It’s not a game of two halves

13 June 2018

Comparisons between school leadership and football are often drawn – and are rarely positive, says Geoff Barton

No to zero tolerance

6 June 2018

Zero tolerance and ‘positive discipline’ are resulting in huge spikes in the number of exclusions. There must be another way...

Choose respect over bullying

16 May 2018

We must make clear that bullying is a behaviour choice. As such, how can we encourage children to choose respect and play their part in preventing bullying? Martha Evans introduces the themes for Anti-Bullying Week 2018

Exclusion: We need a better alternative

14 March 2018

There are clear flaws in the system of pupil referral units and alternative provision. The time is right for the government to lead a root and branch review

Is Ofsted value for money?

28 February 2018

Kevin Courtney says that many teachers believe Ofsted is not fit-for-purpose – a punitive system which does not help schools to improve...

Flouting the law on teachers' pay

17 January 2018

While the recruitment crisis worsens, teachers continue to be denied their minimum pay uplift entitlements, with many schools flouting the law

At the chalkface: Child poverty

10 January 2018

In 2015 there were 30,000 “excess deaths” in England and Wales, according to research. The reason? Simple. “Cuts”. Nothing else.

'Dumped at the gates’

27 December 2017

Let’s just take a moment to consider the tortuous world of today’s teenage learner...

Academies: A very expensive mess

6 December 2017

The academies programme is an expensive mess and, in the face of overwhelming evidence, the government is burying its head in the sand. It’s time for a radical rethink...

Statutory RSE must be truly inclusive

29 November 2017

The government’s forthcoming guidance for compulsory relationships and sex education must be made inclusive of all students, including those with SEN and disabilities, says Lesley Kerr-Edwards

Schools and social services

15 November 2017

The growing number of referrals by schools to children’s social services is an alarming trend – and all the signs point to services that do not have the capacity to cope. Debbie Moss explains

While the government fiddles…

8 November 2017

The government says that education unions have been ‘misleading’ the public when it comes to school funding – but nothing could be further from the truth…

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