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It’s time to #PauseOfsted

4 March 2020

Ofsted is unable to operate its new framework competently. Change is needed, which is why the #PauseOfsted campaign is timely and welcome, says Dr Mary Bousted

Leadership pay: A fait accompli?

5 February 2020

The STRB is not reporting its recommendations for the September 2020 pay rise until April – and yet the government has already outlined what it wants to see happen. Paul Whiteman is concerned

Recruitment: Getting it right

21 January 2020

There are huge problems with the high-stakes high accountability culture in England which undoubtedly contributes to teachers leaving the profession, but how many schools are taking responsibility and proactively doing something about it?

A national plan for education

14 January 2020

It would not provide the quick-fix answer that politicians so love, but now is the time for a national, long-term plan for education, says Geoff Barton

Funding: We’re not there yet

9 October 2019

After years of undermining union campaigning on school funding, the government finally accepts that additional money is needed. But the recent investment will not be enough, says Kevin Courtney

Support staff deserve better pay as well

11 September 2019

While new teachers are now being promised £30,000 salaries, support staff have had their pay suppressed for too long and merit a decent pay rise, says Jon Richards

Schools should be... left alone

2 July 2019

How many times have we seen organisations, charities and even ministers call for schools to be given a duty to tackle some societal problem or other? Enough is enough, says Geoff Barton

A SEND crisis is unfolding...

3 April 2019

There is a crisis in supporting children with SEND. The funding that schools receive is simply inadequate to meet the increasing levels of need, says Paul Whiteman

Stop cutting school CPD spending

20 March 2019

No time. No money. If schools continue to slash their spending on CPD it will only end badly for pupils, says Deborah Roberts

Careers guidance: Is Ofsted the answer?

13 March 2019

Despite national strategies and the Careers and Enterprise Company’s work, careers guidance continues to be patchy. However, Gerard Liston thinks that Ofsted’s proposed new Education Inspection Framework could change this – even though it doesn't mention careers...

Send My Friend to School

27 February 2019

The UK has a key role to play in the fight to unlock education for the 262 million children who remain out-of-school, says Kevin Courtney

An end to sexual harassment

5 February 2019

Over the past months, revelations about sexual harassment in the workplace have shocked society and sparked a movement for change. Unfortunately the classroom is not immune from incidents of harassment, says Chris Keates

The SEND funding gap

30 January 2019

Funding for children with complex SEN has risen eight per cent since 2015/16, but still lags behind the 33 per cent increase in children with EHCPs or Statements. More must be done says Dr Mary Bousted

A plan for child mental health

23 January 2019

Evidence of a mental health crisis among young people is overwhelming. But slowly and surely we are beginning to take action, says Anna Feuchtwang

Who’d be a pastoral leader?

9 January 2019

Schools are having to take on more and more responsibility for the pastoral care of students, meaning that life for the professionals in this field is increasingly challenging, says Daniel Sobel

Education’s lost souls

5 December 2018

If we are to save the lost souls of education, we need a new model of social mobility that develops all talents, not just the academic, say Stephen Machin and Lee Elliot Major

Research-engaged schools: Barriers & solutions

28 November 2018

We have a wealth of high-quality educational research available in this country, yet clear barriers remain for teachers and others wanting to make use of this. Harriet Barnes and Dr Rosalind Mist explain

No more low-trust schools

14 November 2018

Too many teachers feel that they are not valued for the work they do and too many schools operate a low-trust environment

A betrayal of childhood

7 November 2018

What would an alien from Mars with no vested or financial interest say about British education on arriving here? Former children’s commissioner Sir Al Aynsley-Green tackles this question in his new book

Our child poverty shame

3 October 2018

The government is not short on rhetoric over social mobility and child poverty, but the reality in Britain today is very different, says Kevin Courtney

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