Designing computer science

21 June 2012

Geoff Coombe discusses the new vision for the teaching of computer science in schools and argues why academic knowledge and practical skills must combine to equip students for the future.

Three types of poor teacher

14 June 2012

As calls are made for fixed-term contracts in the classroom, Alex Wood describes the three common types of poor teacher and why fixed contracts won't work.

Keep on running

14 June 2012

Tomas Duckling does all he can to avoid being roped into the staff sports day relay race...

Lessons from Alberta

14 June 2012

Many of the world's best education systems have learnt that collaboration works. So why haven't we? Phil Parker explains

Ofsted: Yet more changes

14 June 2012

School inspection is shifting again after Ofsted unveiled a number of changes for September. Russell Hobby looks at some of the key points.

Do you know what stress is?

14 June 2012

The Ofsted chief inspector says that teachers do not know what stress is. Julian Stanley knows of at least 5,000 of you who would disagree.

Professional boundaries

14 June 2012

The Leveson Inquiry has thrown up a debate about professional boundaries ― an issue that teachers are only too aware of, says Marion Gibbs.

The cycle of education

14 June 2012

There ought to be a word for this whole caper, this cycle of education. Stupidity? Gall? Incompetence?

'Take out your phones...'

14 June 2012

Mobile phones are increasingly being welcomed in the classroom. Earnie Kramer looks at how they might benefit learning and discusses some of the key issues to consider when lifting the ban.

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