Careers education: A little less spin, please

6 November 2019

The self-satisfied spin emanating from the government’s £19 million-a-year Careers and Enterprise Company is doing nothing to help its credibility or win support, says Jon Richards

How does a school decide upon its ‘community values’?

28 October 2019

How does a secondary school decide upon and embed a set of values when the school community is made up of so many different people from many different backgrounds and viewpoints? John Rutter gives us his reflections

An accident waiting to happen?

22 October 2019

Are we sleep-walking into privatisation? Are we as school leaders complicit? David Dixon fears the state system may collapse under the weight of its own complexity and bureaucracy

The forgotten third...

9 October 2019

A ‘forgotten third’ of students fall short of achieving a Grade 4 in GCSE English and maths because of our system of comparable outcomes. This has to change, says Geoff Barton

At the chalkface: Teach like nobody is watching!

9 October 2019

We must be trusted. We must be allowed to teach like nobody’s watching. Maybe we’ve reached some kind of tipping point, maybe there’s nothing more to lose – maybe we can reclaim our classrooms...

Inclusive provision: More than a question of funding?

9 October 2019

As good as it sounds, the £7.1 billion school funding announcement is not enough – and more will be needed. However, providing proper support to meet pupils’ needs and ensure inclusive provision is not just a matter of funding. Philippa Stobbs explains

Funding: We’re not there yet

9 October 2019

After years of undermining union campaigning on school funding, the government finally accepts that additional money is needed. But the recent investment will not be enough, says Kevin Courtney

Initial teacher training: Challenges and opportunities

2 October 2019

The government’s strategy to tackle recruitment and retention problems have clear implications for initial teacher training. Emma Hollis from the National Association of School-Based Teacher Trainers considers some of the challenges and opportunities ahead

Alternative provision: Changing perceptions

24 September 2019

Society’s perception of alternative provision is changing for the better, but work still needs to be done to ensure schools support their excluded students to receive an appropriately tailored delivery of education, says Jacqueline Daniell

You can’t be what you can’t see

17 September 2019

There are now more girls than boys taking science A levels but we cannot let our on-going focus on providing positive career role models for young women slip, says Edwina Dunn

Exam malpractice: The true picture

11 September 2019

Malpractice by school staff in public examinations always gets media attention, but this leads us to think that it is far more common than is really the case, says Sarah Hannafin

Support staff deserve better pay as well

11 September 2019

While new teachers are now being promised £30,000 salaries, support staff have had their pay suppressed for too long and merit a decent pay rise, says Jon Richards

A community focus on pupils’ mental health

9 July 2019

It is starting to be accepted that wellbeing and good mental health should be embedded into the culture and ethos of every school. Amanda Allard asks if things are moving fast enough...

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