AP and PRUs: The real picture

4 July 2019

Much has been said of late about the role of alternative provision and PRUs – in the context of knife crime, off-rolling and exclusion. Deborah Lawson looks at the real picture...

Character? It is not enough...

3 July 2019

It is true, of course, that delivering effective character education will play a role in raising students’ aspirations and outcomes, but this is not the whole story, says Dr Mary Bousted

Schools should be... left alone

3 July 2019

How many times have we seen organisations, charities and even ministers call for schools to be given a duty to tackle some societal problem or other? Enough is enough, says Geoff Barton

At the chalkface: Where language goes to die

1 July 2019

This once prince of subjects has been eviscerated. Creativity and critical thinking have been junked. Language is rarely subjected to ferocious and forensic examination. At what cost?

Diary of a headteacher: Aiming for the moon

12 June 2019

Slowly and surely the transformation is taking place. After a meeting that will hopefully transform a core part of her school, our headteacher diarist reflects on the importance of aspiration...

Age discrimination: Time to celebrate experience

11 June 2019

Age discrimination is a real threat for older teachers in schools according to evidence from the NASUWT, which is launching a new campaign to tackle the issue. Chris Keates explains

The danger of growth mindset

5 June 2019

Growth mindset theory has dominated education practice in recent years, but its message and application is often misunderstood and misinterpreted, warns Paolo Canonica

NQT Special Edition: Looking back on my NQT year

5 June 2019

This year’s SecEd NQT diarist is a teacher of English from a school in the Midlands. Here she reflects on her first year at the chalkface – the challenges, successes and hopes for year 2

Equality: A fact, not a choice

5 June 2019

The angry protests in Birmingham against schools teaching equal rights are concerning. Paul Whiteman reminds us that every school has a duty to eliminate discrimination

Behaviour: We must say no to ‘no excuses’

8 May 2019

The ‘no excuses’, zero tolerance approach to behaviour and discipline is shown to be a failed model and should now be thrown out by schools – for good – says Matt Ward

The ed-tech strategy: A great leap backwards?

8 May 2019

The government has finally launched its long-promised strategy for the future of educational technology. Bob Harrison looks at the ‘critical welcome’ it has received...

Diary of an NQT: Taking the time to observe others

8 May 2019

Having finally found some time to observe some of her colleagues' lessons, our NQT diarist recommends that all new teachers choose a focus and head out into the school to see other teachers' practice

STEM careers: A question of equity

8 May 2019

Statistics show that girls continue to turn away from STEM career paths – and it begins with the rejection of A level options, with physics being a prime example, says Charles Tracy

At the chalkface: ‘Go on sir, tell us a story!’

8 May 2019

Story-telling is just about the most important thing you can ever do in English. It cuts across class, language, culture and even literacy. Children always want to hear (or tell) a good story. They think they’re not really working. Well, they’re so wrong.

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