Covid recovery: A broad curriculum for all

13 July 2020

Schools must heed the government’s call to teach an ‘ambitious and broad curriculum’ from September. We cannot constrict our focus to core subjects or knowledge, says Deborah Lawson

Youth services & Covid recovery: A missed opportunity

13 July 2020

Youth services could form a crucial part of the effort to fully re-open schools from September and, in the longer term, could help pupils to recover from the impact of lockdown – but the government is failing to recognise this potential, says Leigh Middleton

Culture: Do you know what you believe in?

6 July 2020

If you cannot decide what your beliefs are, you should give up trying to create a culture in your school. Katharine Birbalsingh explains how they went about creating the culture of Michaela Community School

How GCSEs must change after Covid-19

3 July 2020

The GCSE examination system has been plunged into chaos. When the pandemic is under control, we cannot simply return to the status quo. Chloe Testa proposes a new approach

LGBT: Shut out of education

22 June 2020

LGBT-inclusive education can change a young person’s life. We need to get it right from the start, says Stonewall’s Sidonie Bertrand-Shelton

At the chalkface: It’s what teachers do

15 June 2020

'There was a ship!!!' – I’d shriek in a borderline psychotic voice, somewhere between full tilt Johnny Rotten and Laurence Olivier’s Richard III. I scared the tinies witless. Ian Whitwham on teaching in the time of corona

Why schools need to put staff first

8 June 2020

A new education book offers a ‘2030 blueprint’ to revitalise our schools by unashamedly putting our staff first. Co-author John Tomsett – a school leader and the co-founder of the Headteachers' Roundtable – explains why it is staff, and not students, who must come first…

Support staff: More at risk from Covid-19?

3 June 2020

Data shows that Covid-19 is more of a risk for BAME people, those in poverty and older citizens. Many school support staff fall into these categories and yet have not featured in government modelling, says Jon Richards

Covid-19 shines a light on 'searing inequality'

25 May 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the searing inequality in our education system. Dr Patrick Roach says that post-lockdown we need bold measures and a new deal for our young people and their teachers...

A judgement call like no other

19 May 2020

The science on school re-opening is reassuring, but it is not immutable. In the end, it is a judgement call and schools must be given the flexibility to do what is in the best interests of their communities, says Geoff Barton

Stage not age: The time is now

18 May 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has allowed us to explore what schooling would look like if we focused much more on learning and much less on structuring, says Dr Patrick Alexander

Re-opening schools: Four barriers we risk overlooking

4 May 2020

The phased re-opening of schools continues to dominate the debate about the lifting of the coronavirus lockdown. Headteacher Dr Robin Bevan says we cannot make plans until we know why schools are being re-opened and until we find solutions to four key challenges that are at risk of being overlooked

Social justice is a leveller, not coronavirus...

28 April 2020

It has been said that coronavirus is a great leveller, affecting everybody equally. This could not be further from the truth. Geoff Barton says that when this is over we must face up to the fissures that this crisis has exposed

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