#BlackLivesMatter: Where do we go from here?

13 September 2021

The Black Lives Matter movement has led to a year of immense change, but there have also been devastating set-backs. Angelina Idun asks where are we now in the fight for equality – and what questions must schools be asking as the new year begins?

COP26: We must create climate-literate students

13 September 2021

It is vital that every student leaves education climate-literate, equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to tackle climate change. Kevin Courtney introduces some new resources to help schools and urges the DfE to make this a priority ahead of COP26

Covid: Preventing a chaotic autumn term...

6 September 2021

Schools are braced for an ‘exponential increase’ in Covid infections and yet the government contingency strategy remains thin. Geoff Barton offers three suggestions that could pull us back from the brink...

SEND Review: What are we waiting for?

6 September 2021

In 2019, the government promised a landmark review of the SEND sector in response to concerns that SEND provision has become a ‘postcode lottery’. Why it is taking so long?

At the chalkface: Carry On Culture Wars

6 September 2021

What’s next? The stocks? The guillotine? Cotton-picking? This may play well in the shires, but surely not on most of the country. And certainly not with our pupils. The young don’t buy it – they never have...

Assessment: We had a whiff of freedom – and blew it

31 August 2021

The cancelled examinations were an opportunity for the profession to reclaim the Holy Grail of teaching and learning. Sadly, says Joel Wirth, this opportunity has been missed and we will now slowly slide back into the cage of high-stakes, data-driven accountability

Disastrous consequences: Teacher training proposals are flawed

30 August 2021

The DfE’s proposed overhaul of initial teacher education could have been an opportunity to grow the profession – but instead it could have disastrous consequences as teacher training providers threaten to walk away. Dr Patrick Roach explains

Staff wellbeing: Self-care isn’t selfish

23 August 2021

Looking after yourself is not selfish – in fact it is a vital part of being able to perform at your best as a teacher or school leader. As a new school year begins, Sophie Howells reminds us all to prioritise self-care

A big picture recovery is required

5 July 2021

Recovery from the setbacks of the pandemic runs deeper than just education, and it is time the government acknowledged this, says Matthew Dodd

Resetting the basics and restoring resilience

28 June 2021

As we slowly recover from the pandemic, it would be a mistake to leap back into academic study from September without also tackling the long-term impact of Covid-19 on our pupils’ wellbeing, says Abbey Jones

No child left behind? Really, Boris?

3 June 2021

The paltry investment in education recovery unveiled by the DfE has been met, quite rightly, with derision. We can only conclude that schools and young people are not the government’s priority, says Paul Whiteman

Lies, damn lies and variants

1 June 2021

The DfE is withholding data about the extent of the spread of the ‘Indian’ Covid variant in schools. Jon Richards wonders if we are dealing with evidence-based policy-making or policy-based evidence-making...

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award: More relevant than ever

31 May 2021

The death of the Duke of Edinburgh has shone a spotlight on the legacy of the award that bears his name. Martin Myers-Allen – who has overseen 6,000 students through the award – says it is more relevant today than ever before

The fault line in our society...

8 May 2021

The attainment gap between rich and poor has become a fault line in our society and there are clear links to poverty and disadvantage – yet this does not appear to be on the to-do list of the current government, says Geoff Barton

We are professionals: The proletarianisation of teachers

4 May 2021

The proletarianisation of teachers began in the 1980s and continues today. The impact of this has been revealed most starkly during the Covid crisis. We must once again recognise teachers as professionals, not workers, says Dr Alex Gardner-McTaggart

The arts must be at the heart of Covid recovery

3 May 2021

As ministers think about what the framework of the education recovery will look like, it is vital that pupils are able to access a broad, balanced and rich curriculum, says Dr Patrick Roach

Recruitment & Covid: What is in store for schools?

26 April 2021

The stresses on the profession this year have been immense. What will the impact of this be? Will we see a flurry of resignations before the May 31 deadline? Former National Schools Commissioner Sir David Carter gives his view on the recruitment picture facing schools in the months ahead

The unsung heroes of the Covid-19 pandemic…

13 April 2021

The Unsung Heroes report has revealed the key role played by teaching assistants during the pandemic. However, Jon Richards says that if these support staff are to play their part in the recovery effort, then they need proper training, a healthy career path and a decent wage

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