A judgement call like no other

19 May 2020

The science on school re-opening is reassuring, but it is not immutable. In the end, it is a judgement call and schools must be given the flexibility to do what is in the best interests of their communities, says Geoff Barton

Stage not age: The time is now

18 May 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has allowed us to explore what schooling would look like if we focused much more on learning and much less on structuring, says Dr Patrick Alexander

Re-opening schools: Four barriers we risk overlooking

4 May 2020

The phased re-opening of schools continues to dominate the debate about the lifting of the coronavirus lockdown. Headteacher Dr Robin Bevan says we cannot make plans until we know why schools are being re-opened and until we find solutions to four key challenges that are at risk of being overlooked

Social justice is a leveller, not coronavirus...

28 April 2020

It has been said that coronavirus is a great leveller, affecting everybody equally. This could not be further from the truth. Geoff Barton says that when this is over we must face up to the fissures that this crisis has exposed

Coronavirus: 'I am not ashamed to admit that I am worried'

25 March 2020

Before the official coronavirus shutdown, Uppingham Community College was forced to close its doors because of acute staff shortages. A heartfelt letter written at 3am by principal Ben Solly explained the decision and led to a wave of support from the school community...

Funding: Drastic action is needed

19 March 2020

The spectre of school finances has been a persistent force since our headteacher diarist took on her first headship. Balancing the books looks likely to be one of the hardest battles she will face...

A life and a legacy: Stephen Lawrence Day

11 March 2020

April 22 is Stephen Lawrence Day, when schools are being urged to use free resources to empower young people to live their best lives. Deborah Lawson explains

Zero tolerance dictatorships...

11 March 2020

Too many people seem to think that schools should be run as dictatorships rather than as empathic systems reflecting the kind of society we want to live in

At the chalkface: The school photograph

5 March 2020

Hopefully there will always be some pupils who will resist this conformity. Even at my crusty old grammar school, there were always some wags who managed to sabotage things – like the enormous whole school photo...

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