It’s time to #PauseOfsted

4 March 2020

Ofsted is unable to operate its new framework competently. Change is needed, which is why the #PauseOfsted campaign is timely and welcome, says Dr Mary Bousted

The Wellbeing Award for Schools

26 February 2020

Schools are taking the initiative in nurturing wellbeing and supporting better mental health via the Wellbeing Award for Schools. Philippa Stobbs explains

What is your leadership ‘why’?

25 February 2020

Are you a school leader? If so, what is your leadership 'why'? SecEd's headteacher diarist wants us to remember why we became a teacher – and a leader – in the first place

A more ethical system for supply teachers

12 February 2020

Supply teachers are the backbone of our education system, yet are falling victim to the government’s race to the bottom on wages, says Chris Keates

Stuck schools? An unhelpful narrative

5 February 2020

Ofsted’s latest research report creates another negative and unhelpful label for those schools working in some of the most challenging circumstances...

At the chalkface: Welcome to Dom’s world

5 February 2020

Dominic Cummings is holding sway – and Mr Watermelon Piccaninny Letter Box has stormed it. Dear me, couldn’t we even beat this lot of chancers? Well, no.

Leadership pay: A fait accompli?

3 February 2020

The STRB is not reporting its recommendations for the September 2020 pay rise until April – and yet the government has already outlined what it wants to see happen. Paul Whiteman is concerned

Diary of a Headteacher: Live for the challenge

28 January 2020

Having always worked in schools in challenging circumstances, our headteacher diarist reflects on what it is about these difficult contexts that motivates her to succeed...

At the chalkface: Get cultured, or else!

25 January 2020

There seemed to be only two cultures. High, White, posh and patrician. Good. And the rest. Bad. I was force-fed the former for years ‘til it came out of my ears

Differentiation: A plea to Ofsted

22 January 2020

Please Ofsted – how can we address the gaps in learning within our classes of 30 children without elaborately differentiating our teaching intent? Dr Adam Abdelnoor asks the question...

How accountability must change

22 January 2020

What is accountability for, who is accountable and when will schools be able to welcome inspectors as informed, objective, supportive and empowering colleagues? Deborah Lawson asks the questions

Bett 2020: 'Keep an open mind'

15 January 2020

Thirty-five years ago, Dominic Savage co-founded what is now known as the Bett Show. Here, he looks ahead to Bett 2020, how teachers should prepare to attend the show, and what the future of technology means for education and teachers

A national plan for education

15 January 2020

It would not provide the quick-fix answer that politicians so love, but now is the time for a national, long-term plan for education, says Geoff Barton

The poverty gaps persist

15 January 2020

The shameful gulf in education provision between the UK’s advantaged and disadvantaged students is laid bare by the PISA findings, says Dr Mary Bousted

Diary of an NQT: Improving my practice

15 January 2020

With term one under his belt, our NQT diarist is determined to draw on his colleagues' support to improve his practice during the spring term...

Philosophy: The art of rhetoric

15 January 2020

Further integration of philosophical questioning into the national curriculum is essential if we are to stand our students in good stead. James McCormack discusses

A new dawn for education technology?

26 November 2019

A lot of technology in schools does not perform as claimed or is inappropriate for the needs of teachers and students. Is this finally about to change? Professor Rose Luckin reflects on the direction of the government’s ed-tech strategy

The cloak of the headteacher

19 November 2019

It was quite a nice story until he told us the scary bit – he spent much of his time worrying that one day someone would creep up behind him and pull off his hood...

Beating the exam cheats

12 November 2019

While the headlines were dominated by a proposed ban on watches in the exam hall, the independent inquiry into exam malpractice also made other important recommendations. Its chair, Sir John Dunford, explains

Accountability: Peer review should be the norm

6 November 2019

We urgently need to rebalance holding schools to account with helping them to improve. As such, peer review – and not Ofsted – should be at the heart of school improvement, says Nick Brook

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