Staff wellbeing: Are you looking out for your colleagues?

1 February 2021

With more and more teachers experiencing symptoms related to depression and anxiety amid the pressure of the pandemic, Sophie Howells looks at how we can approach conversations with colleagues who may be struggling

Are we testing the right science?

1 February 2021

Do current methods of external assessment accurately measure the skills and abilities of science students? Or more simply, are we testing the ‘right’ science? Gerry Mallaghan asks the question...

Exams 2021: Whistling in the dark, once again

25 January 2021

As Ofqual consults over how this summer’s examinations are to be graded, Dr Mary Bousted is saddened yet not surprised that teachers will once again be left to pick up the pieces from a lack of government planning

Compulsory GCSE languages?

18 January 2021

It was once a highly esteemed part of the curriculum, but MFL has been thrown into the ‘too hard’ basket. The time has come to make languages compulsory at GCSE once again, says Ellie Baker

Covid: Is the government finally beginning to listen to professionals?

18 January 2021

Earlier this term, as tensions over school re-opening mounted, UNISON and the NEU advised their members that they had the right to refuse to go into work on safety grounds. Jon Richards looks back at a chaotic few days and is hopeful of better collaboration with government in the months to come

Poverty-proof your school uniform

5 January 2021

As the pandemic hits many families’ finances hard, and the extra costs of winter take their toll, let’s not add excessive school uniform costs into the mix, says Dustin Hutchinson

The lost power of subject?

5 January 2021

Teaching today has become too obsessed with pedagogical theory or, even worse, the hoops of assessment objectives and examination criteria, writes Gus Lock

Hang in there! Surviving and thriving as a new teacher

8 December 2020

The NQT year is commonly accepted to be one of the most challenging in teaching. However, despite the challenges that many of you are facing – especially at a time of Covid-19 – now is not the time to think about quitting. You must hang on in there. Matt Bromley explains why...

35 hours? The case for an annual CPD entitlement

24 November 2020

An entitlement to 35 hours of high-quality CPD for every teacher and more effective support for new headteachers are two keys to school improvement according to the School Improvement Commission. Nick Brook explains

Full sick pay is essential to Covid safety

16 November 2020

Catering and cleaning staff in schools are more likely to catch Covid, but many do not receive access to full sick pay if they have to self-isolate. Jon Richards says this has to change

Music education: A plea to schools

2 November 2020

People cannot learn to like what they never hear. Brenda Watson urges schools to give music education a higher profile in their schools and offers four ideas to get started

At the chalkface: Capitalism in the classroom

27 October 2020

No good teacher ever preaches, especially English teachers. We deal in ambiguity, complexity, beauty, not brute certainty – in some kind of truth. But these days, as Gramsci said, “to tell the truth is revolutionary”...

Covid-19: Increasing problems of poor pupil behaviour

20 October 2020

The NASUWT is receiving increasing reports of pupils using Covid-19 as part of poor behaviour, including coughing at school staff and deliberately flouting safety rules. Dr Patrick Roach says concerted action – from schools and government – is needed

Teacher bias: We are all guilty

13 October 2020

PP, SEN, EAL – when we awarded our teacher-assessed grades this summer, did we award them to statistics and acronyms, or to individual learners? Chloe Testa looks at teacher bias and how we can finally begin to close the gaps

Supporting our teachers: Ministers must do better

5 October 2020

As the pandemic continues, teachers are reaching breaking point. Ministers must do better, and that begins with making guidance clearer and giving schools the time and resources required. Sophie Howells explains

Covid-19: Where is the plan for schools?

28 September 2020

Chaotic, blame-shifting, ineffective, incompetent – the government’s handling of education during the pandemic has hindered the recovery efforts of schools. An exasperated Paul Whiteman implores ministers to give us the support we need

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